Singing Warm-ups

Singing Warm-ups

Warm-up your voice at home before rehearsal and performances – you might like to try the following YouTube videos:

5 Fun Vocal Warmups (Do-re-mi) 

by In Unison Music Lessons. A short, fun piano accompanied warm up with a visual Do-re-mi staircase with bouncy ball and trampoline.  No spoken instructions; sing as a hum, an “ah” or a “la”.

Easy 5 Minute Vocal Warm Up 

by Verba Vocal Technique. A 5 min piano accompanied warm up, talked through by a friendly female teacher.

Esse’s Daily Vocal Warmup Number 1

by Esse’s Vocal Studio. A 7 minute warm-up.  5 simple and easy to follow exercises accompanied by piano, guided by calm female voice.